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i don’t know about the ending of the book man

Yes, please

Yes, please

I love you, Ellen





how to walk like a queen [x]

This is the best acting lesson I have every seen in my life



The more I learn about Patrick Stewart the more I wish he was my best friend. He’d be a total blast to hang out with. I could see him as a fanboy

Haven’t we all?

Reblog this if you’ve ever read a piece of fanfiction and adopted it as canon or wished it could be universally accepted as canon; it’s that good.

Fic Musings

I always felt that Ethan couldn’t have hated Giles so much if he didn’t truly love him at some point in his life.


"And yes, I have always felt that there was something between [Giles and Ethan] when they were younger. It is one of those places where slash and canon merge […]." - Jane Espenson

I knew it!

I have actually thought about this so much that I think I kind of know how it went, at least my own version of this particular ship. It makes for some interesting stories.




I’m just going to leave this here

The Nobel Peace Prize 1964.

this right here is the exact point Im trying to make